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There is a Difference in Products and Installation

To the untrained eye, there may not appear to be much of a difference between the erosion control products on the market today. 

In fact, the opposite is true.  Erosion Runner's erosion control expertise, superior products & services, and patented installation process are unique in the industry — that is why we are the biggest.

Your business will benefit (read customer testimonials) from using Erosion Runner's superior products and service for erosion control at your construction job site to:

  • Keep you on schedule by reducing the risk of downtime associated with failed inspections
  • Save you money by reducing or eliminating the need for costly repair service due to inferior product and/or installation
  • Help the environment by being reusable, in many cases

Our Superior Products & Services

Our Competition Does Not Even Come Close

Find out more about the differences between Erosion Runner and our competition for the products listed below:

Compare to the Competition

FAQ Erosion Runner Our Competition
Can you come tomorrow? Probably yes, we do 80% of our jobs within 2 days notice. Often no, Erosion Runner is the biggest.
Is there a difference between approved fabric and that which you are using? Call for a sample of our silt fence and compare it to what you are using.  
Are you getting approved fabric Yes, Erosion Runner uses fabric that meets DOT, EPA, and DNR approved fabric.  We use fabric that others call extra strength as standard. Often no.  The large building supply stores sell "commercial" silt fence, which could just as easily be labeled "interior" silt fence.
How do you know if the properly rated fabric is being used? A label is required to be placed on each roll with the fabric mininum specifications, similar to the way each 2x4 is stamped with a grade. Often no, if you do not see a label it's probably because it does not even meet the minimum requirements.
Is the fabric consistently buried 6" Yes, our machine insures the proper depth. Often no. 
Are you using 2 x 2 hardwood stakes? Yes, always. Often no, we refer to what some of our competitors use as toothpicks
Use extra stakes on turns? Yes, we always use a closer spacing on turns. Otherwise the fabric will sag around the turn. Often no, if you ask for 10 feet on center you will get 10 feet on center.
Have trained personnel to install the silt fence. Yes, sediment control is all we do. Often no. They will make due with whoever is available.
Call and Forget? Yes, place flags to mark location of the silt fence at your convenience and Erosion Runner will complete your job without appointments or supervision. Often no.
Is there a difference between approved fabric and that which you are using Call for a sample of our silt fence and compare it to what you are using
Will your silt fence fabric pass the Finger Test? Yes, it is very difficult to separate the weave of the DOT/EPA approved fabric and poke your finger through the fabric. Often No.  Some interior fabric is very easy to separate the weave and poke your finger through.  As a result, it won't last as long; wind will tear it.
Will your silt fence fabric pass the Light test? Yes, hold DOT/EPA fabric up to the light and you will see small uniform holes for the water to pass through Often No.  Some cheaper fabric looks like it has been ironed (melted) and there are practically no holes at all to let the water through.
Can I just phone in approximate footage? Yes, if you can get within 30% of actual we are happy, we will just bill you for the footage we install. Often no.
If I have a confusing site, will you still place the silt fence exactly where I want it? Yes, simply place the flags a little closer, you don't even have to meet with us. Often no.
Is a quality initial installation worth the cost? Yes, the cost of repairs is far more expensive. A quality initial installation will reduce your need for repairs. No.

SedCatch™ Curb and Gutter Inlet Protection FAQ

SedCatch™ FAQ Erosion Runner Our Competition
SedCatch Curb Inlet Protection

Ordering and Pricing

When I call in the order can I just give approximate sizes? Yes, simply give us a quantity and approximate size, we will bring enough material and supplies to complete your job. No, if you are going to order the inlet protection you have to choose from 8 to 10 sizes.  You could order the wrong size and still not get the job done in time.
Does your price include installation? Yes No
Do you install the inlet protection? Yes, all of our curb and gutter inlet protection comes installed. Often no, you will have to hire someone to do the work.
Can you handle strange sizes? Yes, we have protected inlets on demolition jobs with odd shaped grates that were 50-75 years old, we can do it all. No, the sizes they have is all that you have to choose from.


Will Erosion Runner do repairs? Yes Often no.
Can separate parts be replaced individually? Yes, we only charge for the parts you need Often no, they come as a complete assembly.
Can you use power brooms to clean the street without worry about snagging straps or seams? Yes, the SedCatch™ covers leave a smooth, seam-free surface without straps Often no, and once part of the product is torn the whole assembly needs to be replaced.

SedCatch™ Sediment Cage FAQ

FAQ Erosion Runner Sediment Cage Compared to Wood Frame and Silt Fence
Sediment Cage
What is a Sediment Cage? A device that is used on a yard inlet that is virtually maintenance free.
Is a sediment cage easy to install? Yes, simply tuck the fabric under the grate. No, in the time it takes to build one wood frame structure you could have installed 10 sediment cages.
Can a sediment cage be installed before backfill? Yes, the device rests on the apron surrounding the inlet, backfilling can be done later. No, wood frames need to be backfilled before the structure can be built.
Will the use of a sediment cage help keep inspectors off my back? Yes, they will be impressed that the inlets are protected as you go. No, wood frames can only be done after backfill and requires a lot more effort to install one at a time.
Will a sediment cage stay up after repeated floods? Yes, the manufactured sediment cage has been tested at flood stage for 168 hours. No. Each wood frame assembly is an independent test site.
Is a sediment cage reusable? Yes, a sediment cage can be used for years. No, a wood frame will be broken up and thrown away.
Can landscapers work right next to it? Yes, since it does not require stakes final grading can be done with the sediment cage in place. No, the wood frame must be removed to do a proper job.
Can a sediment cage be removed without requiring landscaping repairs? Yes, simply lift grate and remove Sediment Cage No, the area will be disturbed when removing the stakes and fabric.

FAQ Erosion Runner Compared to Other Inlet Protection Devices
Inlet Protection
Can I avoid having to spend the labor to clean after each rain. Yes, the vertical sides do not allow a layer of sediment to form over the fabric.  It will not clog itself. No, sediment must be removed after each rain.
Can I avoid a bunch of puddles all over my site? Yes, since the fabric is vertical it allows the water to drain completely. No, you must wade in the puddles to remove the sediment in order to drain the water.
Will it allow flood waters to pass through? Yes, there is an overflow that allows the cleanest floodwaters to pass into the storm sewer system. No. There is no way for water to pass.
Can I give an approximate size when ordering? Yes, the Sediment Cage will fit grates from 18"x18" to 30"x30" square and from 18" to 42" round. No, Exact measurements are needed to select from 8-10 sizes.
Is it reusable? Yes. Often no, and they are easily damaged when cleaning
Can they be installed free of charge? Yes, they are so easy install Erosion Runner will do it free of charge at time of delivery. No. 

SedCatch™ Dewatering Bags FAQ

FAQ Erosion Runner Our Competition
Do you have the proper size dewatering bag available for next day shipment? Yes.  Call us with the gallons-per-minute (gpm) of the pump you are using.  We have several sizes available off the shelf and will make one overnight if you need it. Often no.
What is the difference between your dewatering bags and your competition? Our bags tend to be oversized compared to our competitors.  This extends the useful life, reduces pressures and stress on seams. and reduces the concentration of flows downstream. Often sized to complete one job use.
Which is better, long and narrow or rectangular of the same cubic volume? Our long, narrow, style bag provide more discharge area than rectangular ones of the same volume. Generally rectangular shaped.
Are your dewatering bags reusable? Yes.  Our extra heavy-duty bags resist damage while transporting water.  Most of our dewatering bags can handle multiple uses depending upon the amount of sediment in the discharged water. Often no.

Safety Fence FAQ

FAQ Erosion Runner  Our Competition
Do you use high visibility fence? Yes, the fence we use has a wide cross section for high visibility. Often no.
Do you use t-posts to support the fence? Yes, 12 feet on center is our standard. Often no.


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