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Construction Entrance Geotextile


Erosion Runner stocks many different styles and weights of geotextile fabrics, both woven and non-woven. They are used for:

  • weight distribution
  • rip rap line
  • retaining wall construction
  • landfill caps, and many other uses.


Equivalent Specifications of Competing Brands

Below is a chart of WINfab geotextiles along with the equivalent specifications of competing brands.  Fax us a copy of your spec, we will send you a quote for the equivalent or better.  Installation service available.


Geotex Propex Mirafi Filterweave Amoco

Woven Geotextiles and Equivalents

    Mirafi FW300 Filterweave 300  
Geotex 2x2HF Propex 2X2HF Mirafi FW400 Filterweave 400 Amoco 2016
WINfab 2x2HFa
    Mirafi FW500 Filterweave 500  
Geotex 102F Propex 102F     Amoco 2019
Geotex 111F Propex 111F Mirafi FW402 Filterweave 402  
    Mirafi FW403 Filterweave 403  
    Mirafi FW404 Filterweave 404  
Geotex 106F Propex 106F     Amoco 1198
Geotex 104F Propex 104F Mirafi FW700 Filterweave 700 Amoco 1199
Winfab 117a
Geotex 117F Propex 117F      
WINfab 100Wa
    Mirafi 100X    
WINfab 135Wa
Geotex 135ST Propex 135ST      
Geotex 200ST Propex 200ST Mirafi 500X   Amoco 2002
Geotex 250ST Propex 250ST      
Geotex 270ST Propex 270ST      
Geotex 315ST Propex 315ST Mirafi 600X   Amoco 2006
Other Fabrics and Equivalents Available, Please call for quote

Construction Entrance Geotextile Sales & Installation

Construction Entrance GeotextileConstruction Entrance Geotextile

Ground Stabilization Geotextiles Use Less Gravel — Virtually Eliminates Ruts

Using geotextile under construction entrances will save you money. It keeps heavy trucks from pumping mud and destroying your driveway. It also does a remarkable job of spanning the trench dug for utilities.

  • Residential & Light Commercial:  We recommend WinFab 200W
  • Subdivision, commercial, and industrial entrances:  We recommend WinFab 315W

Parking Lot Geotextile

Geotextiles will prolong the life of asphalt which is why it is often written in the specification. We recommend WinFab 200W for car parking lots built over good, firm soils. Use WinFab 315W for trucking areas, heavy traffic areas, or for car parking under poor soils. Our customers will often use both weights on the same job. Lets face it, we all know where the heaviest use will be or the weakest soils.

Rip Rap Getoxtile

Use as a liner under Rip Rap to extend its lifespan. Can also be used to shore up banks.


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