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Erosion Runner is the largest sediment control company in the Midwest — covering Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana.

SedCatch® Grate Covers & Sleeves

Inlet Protection

Purchase grate cover geotextile and sleeves in bulk and make your own inlet protection. Use your own corrugated pipe, stiffener, and gravel. 

SedCatch® Inlet Dam Sleeves


Sleeve material comes in a 110 ft or 330 ft roll.

No need for precise measurements. Cut the sleeve right on the job.

Sleeves are made to fit a 3” or 4" corrugated pipe.


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SedCatch® Grate Inlet Covers

xUse SedCatch® Grate Cover geotextile over grates to prevent sediment from entering storm sewer system. Use in areas where ponding will not be an issue. Heavy monofilament geotextile fabric is resistant to

36" x 330 ft of cover material.

36" x 110 ft of cover material.


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Fabric Specifications

This is a side by side comparison of the geotextile SedCatch™ offers for inlet protection to silt fence. The inlet geotextile on the left is made of yarns that are several times the thickness of the tape yarns of the silt fence on the right. The result is the inlet fabric has 3 times the strength. It also has 4 times as many openings per square inch to give it a higher flow rate while the opening size remains the same.


To cover drain pipe

Cut a piece of sleeve material 2 ft longer than opening. Cut a corrugated drain pipe 1 ft longer than opening. Insert pipe in sleeve and close one end with hog rings or other method. Insert schedule 40, leftover conduit, or tubing to keep the pipe straight, throw in a few handfuls of gravel and seal the other end. Some inspectors prefer you secure the pipe to the grate with wire.

To Cover Grate

Cut a piece of geotextile 1 ft longer than opening. Place grate upside down on geotextile. Fold sides in toward the bottom and secure. Replace grate.


SedCatch Grate covers & Sleeves Standard Drawing



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