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Erosion Runner is the largest sediment control company in the Midwest — covering Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana.

SedCatch® SedCage™

32" Sediment Cage


42" Sediment Cage


54" Sediment Cage


62" Sediment Cage



“Above-the-Grate” Inlet Protection

  • Heavy welded framework withstands jobsite abuse.
  • Does not restrict opening in a flood.
  • Can be installed at the time the basin is set.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • No trenching or backfilling.
  • No landscaping repairs needed upon removal.
  • Re-usable.
  • No assembly required.
  • Foolproof installation, simply tuck fabric under grate.
  • Heavy monofilament geotextile fabric resists tearing.
  • Will fit square, rectangular, and round (circular) grates
  • Four standard sizes to fit most any grate.
  • Custom size SedCages available.

Patented Design That Works

In Use -  Side Viewxx


Patented design requires no digging, simply tuck the skirt under the grate and replace grate. Can be installed at the time the basin is set. It will not get in the way of backfilling, grading, or seeding because the SedCage rests on the concrete apron surrounding the grate and is not attached to the ground. Heavy welded framework can withstand multiple uses. The design is protected under Patent US D 555,759, with other patents pending.




Four Sizes Available

(3 of the 4 sizes shown)

32” SedCage
42” SedCage
54” SedCage
62” SedCage (not shown)

32” SedCage

  • Fits Square Grates from 12”x12” through 22”x22”
  • Fits Round Grates from 12” thru 24” in diameter
  • Fits Rectangular Grates with a diagonal between 17” and 31” (a2 + b2 = c2)

42” SedCage

  • Fits Square Grates from 23”x23” through 30”x30”
  • Fits Round Grates from 25” thru 34” in diameter
  • Fits Rectangular Grates with a diagonal between 32” and 41”(a2 + b2 = c2)

54” SedCage

  • Fits Square Grates from 31”x31” through 37”x37”
  • Fits Round Grates from 35” thru 44” in diameter
  • Fits Rectangular Grates with a diagonal between 42” and 51”(a2 + b2 = c2)

62” SedCage (not shown)

  • Fits Square Grates from 38”x38” through 44”x44”
  • Fits Round Grates from 45” thru 54” in diameter
  • Fits Rectangular Grates with a diagonal between 52” and 61”(a2 + b2 = c2)

SedCage Installation


1. Raise the grate on one side and position SedCage so the skirt is under the grate.

2. Lower grate.

3. Pick up the opposite side of the grate and slip the skirt under the grate on the remaining 3 sides.

4. Replace Grate.


This method makes a positive seal. It is impossible for the water to get under or around the SedCage. There is no chance of inadequate backfill or compaction issues. Set it and forget it. Removal is just as simple, and does not require tools, restoration work, or debris to haul away. Lift the grate and slide out the geotextile skirt. Take it to the next job.

All the Advantages of Wireback In Inlet Protection


Supports the geotextile better than the 2x4’s and silt fence method

The heavy welded wire framework not only is strong enough to support 2 men, its wire mesh construction gives superior support to the geotextile on the sides too. SedCatch brings all of the advantages of wireback to inlet protection.

Still working after 2 years in the field.

Job Site Abuse — Still Working After 2 Years

This 2 year old SedCage™ has taken a beating. A dozer has pushed dirt against it and it has been backed into. You can see from the accumulated sediment that it is still working.

Field Photos

SedCage SedCage

SedCage SedCage

Fabric Specification

We have selected the geotextile with the properties that give the best results under most circumstances. If your site is unique and/or if the engineer or inspector has a preference for a different geotextile specification, we can manufacture the SedCage with the requested fabric. We probably have the geotextile in stock and can accommodate your request with a two week lead time.

Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings x x

Ohio EPA Evaluation

FAQ for SedCatch® Sediment Cage™

Should I use a Sediment Cage or Sediment Basket?
Use a Sediment Cage unless there could be an issue with it causing an obstruction. They have higher sediment removal rates and generally require less maintenance.

When should a Sediment Cage™  be installed?
The best time to install a Sediment Cage™ is at the time the basin is set. It will keep sediment out, thereby keeping the job in compliance. Since it rests on the apron, you don’t even have to wait to backfill.

How do you install a Sediment Cage™?
Lift the grate, tuck the geotextile skirt under the grate, replace the grate. Takes minutes.

Will it get in the way of final grading?
No, since it does not require stakes, final grading can be done with the Sediment Cage in place.

Can a Sediment Cage™ be removed without requiring landscaping repairs?
Yes, simply lift the grate and remove Sediment Cage™. It does not require a pick, hammer, or shovel, and you don’t have any trash to dispose of. Remove and store for re-use.

Is a Sediment Cage™ reusable?
The heavy monofilament geotextile is so strong and well supported by the wire that they are often used on several different jobs.

SedCatch® SedCage™ is protected by US Patent US D555,759. Other patents pending.

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