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  • Erosion Runner Midwest Inc. works over much of the Midwest with crews based out of Cincinnati/Dayton and Cleveland.

ODOT Prequalified

We are occasionally asked if we can do subcontract work on ODOT projects if we aren’t ODOT Prequalified. The answer is yes, as long as we perform less than $500,000.00 of work in a given calendar year per the following rule:

Must all subcontractors be prequalified?

All subcontractors shall obtain a certificate of qualification, except subcontractors who will perform less than $500,000 of ODOT subcontract work in the calendar year and subcontractors who will perform work for which there is no corresponding work type. Prime contractors may employ subcontractors who do not hold a certificate of qualification, if the subcontractors' collective compensation does not exceed 15%, not to exceed $2,000,000, for a specific project. Annual limitations of $500,000 per subcontractor may not be exceeded.

The above paragraph can be found on ODOT’s website:
Scroll down to “Prequalification” Frequently Asked Questions (PQ_FAQ)

Workers Comp Certificates

Liability Insurance Certificate

Credit Application

Erosion Runner Credit Application form(.pdf)

We Never Think of Going Anywhere Else

“We have used Erosion Runner for all our silt fence needs.  They are prompt and efficient, and always make sure they understand what we need before they begin.  With all the hassles that can be on a job-site it’s nice to have an aspect that is never a concern.  The quality service and lowest prices are why we have never thought of going anywhere else.” 

Aaron Markley
Markley Excavating

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